Flowing From Pain to Freedom

AIMEE NEWTON a unique combination of Osteopathy and Yoga

I’m an Osteopath.

I’m also a Yoga Teacher…

I offer a unique combination of both Osteopathy and therapeutic Yoga. Helping my patients flow from pain to freedom.

The reason I became an Osteopath in the first place is because it compliments Yoga wonderfully. I qualified as a Yoga teacher 15 years ago and felt I needed something therapeutic to give me confidence in helping people with specific issues.

I shied away from Yoga Therapy as there was a lot of focus on the pranic body and chakras and I wanted something more medical. Physiotherapy felt too reductionist and to be honest I wasn’t really interested in working within the NHS and the Chiropractic treatment I had experienced was too aggressive.

(As an aside I am NOT saying all chiropractors treat aggressively; I know some Osteopaths who practice very physical, spinal adjustment-based treatment plans and some Chiropractors who are very gentle. What’s the difference between a Chiropractor and an Osteopath? Well that’s a whole other blog article maybe for another day…). I opted for Osteopathy after a very positive treatment experience.

Both systems have a philosophical foundation that is very synergistic. I am very reluctant to use the term ‘holistic’ in regard to Osteopathy. It is over-used and distracts from the clinical nature of evidence-based Osteopathy that I was trained in at the University College of Osteopathy. However, Osteopathy does looks at the person as a whole and in context of their lives. We practice Patient Centred Care; Osteopathy recognises that a person’s history, state of mind and external life influences their physical body. We do not regionalise the body and we acknowledge the rhythms of the body; the breath, the cardiovascular system, cerebrospinal fluid.

Yoga, the way I practice and teach it anyway, is like doing Osteopathy on yourself. It is a fabulous tool for enabling people to free themselves from pain rather than trying to get fixed. It also addresses much more than the physical body. I don’t feel that people can truly flow from pain to freedom unless their whole being is looked at and Yoga provides tools to work with the body, breath, mind, energy and spirit if that’s what the patient needs. Osteopathy falls short of that, so to me Yoga completes the therapeutic tool-box. You don’t use every tool for every patient, but you need the option to look beyond the physical when appropriate.

Osteopathy provided for me a more clinical, medical and scientific perspective of the human body which most yoga teacher training fall massively short of. Both systems have influenced the way I practice the other and as result my treatment approach has developed into something unique to me. I assist my patients in flowing from pain to freedom; the path to achieving this is through my three-part system:

Exploration // Balance // Liberation

If you are interested in discussing this further, or you are not sure if I can help then please contact me, I provide a free 15-minute consultation which can be over the phone if necessary.

Picture of Aimee Newton

Aimee Newton

Aimee Newton is a Tutor and Assessor for Friends of Yoga and has been teaching for 16 years. She is also a Registered Osteopath and runs popular CPD days for Yoga Teachers on Anatomy and Physiology both face to face and online.

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