FlowING from pain to freedom

with my unique combination of Osteopathy and therapeutic Yoga

Osteopathy and Yoga Buckingham

Yoga is amazing, and I discovered its healing and therapeutic powers when I qualified as a Yoga Teacher 15 years ago. It’s also the reason I became an Osteopath – because understanding the workings of the body, and all its component parts, deepens and enriches my knowledge of the power of Yoga – and vice versa.

Both systems have influenced the way I practise the other, and as a result my treatment approach has developed into something unique to me. I am able to use these wonderfully complementary disciplines to identify and diagnose physical problems, and create a personalised programme that will heal and strengthen you, and give you the tools to keep you pain-free, through Yoga.

The path to achieving this is through my three-part system:


Your Osteopathy consultation will give us a plan to treat your problem; we work through the plan towards recovery; and my Yoga classes teach you to do Osteopathy on yourself, to keep you free of pain into the future.

Yoga completes the therapeutic toolbox. It is a fabulous pain therapy, and addresses much more than the physical body. To truly flow from pain to freedom, you need to look at the whole being, and Yoga works with the body, breath, mind, energy and spirit. It may not be appropriate in every case, but the option is there to look beyond the physical, and to maintain your strength once your initial recovery is over.

Osteopathy Buckingham

About Aimee

Aimee’s treatment approach uniquely combines her structural Osteopathic skills with bespoke yoga practices; enriching your therapeutic experience by drawing from her 15 years of experience as a hatha Yoga Teacher and Educator.

A treatment plan with Aimee may include, where appropriate, the following elements:

Working with Aimee involves an approach which uses a combination of online Zoom appointments and in-person treatments. Your health is her top priority and all necessary precautions for social distancing and PPE are taken in accordance with the current government guidelines.

Osteopathy appointments are now available at our brand new location in Bletchley, Milton Keynes. The Poplar Osteopathy Clinic is conveniently situated opposite IKEA, offering ample free parking. It is just a short drive away from both central Milton Keynes and Bletchley train stations, making it easily accessible for our patients.

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