Osteopathy in Milton keynes

Offering relief for a range of musculoskeletal problems from back pain to sports-related injuries

What is Osteopathy?

The word ‘osteopathy’ originates from two Greek words meaning bone and suffering. Osteopaths treat pain in the bones, joints and muscles through massage, touch, stretches and gentle physical manipulation. Osteopathic treatment relieves muscle tension, enhances the blood and nerve supply to tissues, and helps to activate your body’s natural healing mechanisms.

Osteopaths work on the principle that a healthy body is dependent on it functioning in a state of complementary balance. It is the restoration of this balance which is at the heart of osteopathic techniques. Our osteopathic treatments throughout Milton Keynes can treat a range of ailments such as back pain, knee pain, neck and shoulder pain. These are treated, where possible, without recourse to surgery or medicines.

Osteopathy Clinic Milton Keynes

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Patients come to the osteopathy clinic for pain relief and treatment of: sports injuries, arthritis, headaches, shoulder and elbow pain (tennis elbow), hips, legs and pelvis problems, muscle and joint pain related to driving or pregnancy, lower back pain and shoulder pain. A range of techniques are used to encourage your body tissues back to full health:
Our osteopathy services for Milton Keynes combine online Zoom appointments and in-person treatments where possible. Patient health is the priority and all necessary precautions for social distancing and PPE are taken in accordance with the current government guidelines.

Patient-Centred Osteopathy

Osteopathy is increasingly popular with people experiencing muscular or joint pain, because it is a holistic form of health care that takes a patient-centred approach. An osteopathy treatment plan acknowledges that a patient’s life history, state of mind and day-to-day living conditions influence their physical body and the pain they’re experiencing.

Yoga Classes to Complement Your Treatment

As an international Hatha Yoga teacher, Aimee combines her professional skills to provide one-to-one and group osteopathy and yoga classes near Milton Keynes. These personalised classes can be tailored to a specific injury or health condition. Aimee’s expertise provides a range of therapeutic yoga postures designed to heal, reduce pain, and increase strength and freedom of movement.

About Aimee

Aimee brings to her osteopathy services for Milton Keynes a unique blend of professional osteopathic skills and 15 years’ experience as an international Hatha Yoga teacher. This specialist combination enriches the therapeutic experience offered to her patients.

A treatment plan with Aimee may include, where appropriate, the following elements:

In order to prioritise the health and safety of patients, the osteopathy clinic near Milton Keynes is currently offering a combination of online Zoom appointments and in-person treatments. We strictly adhere to current government guidelines on social distancing and appropriate PPE protection.

Face-to-face appointments take place at The Poplar Osteopathy Clinic in Bletchley, Milton Keynes. It is conveniently situated opposite IKEA, offering ample free parking, and is just a short drive away from both central Milton Keynes and Bletchley train stations, making it easily accessible for our patients.

Aimee also provides osteopathy services in: Bletchley, Stony Stratford, Stantonbury, Newport Pagnell, Wavendon, Woburn Sands, Broughton and elsewhere.


The Poplar Osteopathy Clinic
B1/S, Building B
23 First Avenue
Milton Keynes

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